The Adult Escort Industry

You don't need to be worried about the future of the escort industry. Irrespective of whether people refer to them as escorts or working girls, they're not going anywhere soon.

Our short article concerns those escorts that operate in the adult business.. Women and men, although mostly women, work as escorts. If you want a different sort of escort they're out there too. These are people who are paid social partners or perhaps tour guides, and intimacy has nothing at all to do with it.

The escort sector in the UK is very large, having about 2,500 escort companies alone. Never confound escorting with street hookers. Prostitution is the type of activity you find on the street. Escorts regard themselves as a distinctive prospect. Why is it that we have a issue with individuals paying for sex? Nobody condones pressured prostitution or trafficking but if both parties are consensual, how come we've got a problem with that?

The escort industry is thriving even in these difficult financial times. If you are the right type of person you can make an exceptionally good income working as an escort. With the right marketing you'll easily find clients as escort services are much in demand across the country. Some escorts work independently whilst others may work through an escort agency. Working as an escort is not usually something anyone wants to publicise, but there are thousands of women, and some men, in the UK who work as escorts in the UK. The very top escorts who can earn maybe £1000 an hour are rare. The average escort is earning maybe £100 an hour, and that's not bad money by any standard. As the average person in the UK is making around £500 for working 40 hours, you can see the attraction of this job.

The law is often something that confuses people about the escort industry. True, the law is difficult in parts to understand. It is not illegal to work as an escort in the UK. The law tries to protect escorts and to deal with street prostitution. Whether male or female both can be exploited in this industry. Escort Agencies fall into the grey area, but by and large if you operate in a sensible way, you can successfully run an escort agency in the UK without problems. And there are thousands of people who do just that. Many run legitimate companies, declaring their incomes for tax purposes.

The state would doubtless like to tax this industry more. If we were more accepting of the escort industry, then the state could benefit by the taxation. It's a thriving industry and there is money to be made. Some is taxed but a lot of the money that changes hands is cash with no way to tax it! Because of the nature of the legislation around escorts it's harder for the law makers to keep track of what's going on.

So why are we so shy about what is after all a perfectly natural activity? Children need to be protected and we do have laws around that. The 'top shelf' for adult publications for example. Parents have to take the controlling role here. And of course that's absolutely right. Although prostitution in its many forms is as old as man, we still don't seem to manage to put it into perspective. It seems we are so afraid of admitting that sex is a powerful force we are allowing it to control us. If some people want to pay for sex, why should we try and stop them? Maybe we are jealous of those who manage to enjoy sex and make substantial incomes too. Untangling our personal feelings and emotions about sex can be complicated. If people want to work as escorts and they are not being forced into it, that should be their choice.

It's reasonably definite therefore that whilst men and women still delight in sex, the adult business and the escort industry are not going to go away. Booking or just being an escort is simple, but be sure you safeguard yourself and that means your individual safety as well as your health!